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My workshop is a collection of old farm buildings that I renovated and 
 I do the bulk of my work on a VB36 lathe.  I rough turn all of my work direct from the tree trunks.  I then dry the rough turned bowls before returning them to the lathe for finishing and polishing.  The whole process takes a minimum of 6 months from start to finish.

All of the timber that I use is sourced locally and comes from trees that have been felled by storms or as a result of disease. 
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Dead Yew Tree  Cobh
Yew tree Cobh
Yew Tree "The Cresent" Cobh
Yew Trunk
View from where the Yew tree grew.
This tree would have been growing nearby when these photos were taken.
It would have witnessed the last passengers board the Titanic.
It is hard to imagine all of the sights that it would have seen!!
Spalted Beech log.
Little and large 18inch and 36 inch bars.
Cutting Spalted Beech Bowl Blanks.
Bowl Blank rough cut with chainsaw
Blanks etc . on the way to Workshop
These guys keep getting in on the act.!!
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